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Company Logo: CBSE Announced Parents Don't Force Children to Buy NCERT Books
Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced for attempt to end the practice of school coercing to buy textbook other than NCERT books on Monday issued a circular to principals of all school warning them against the practice.

The Department of CBSE received a series of complaints stating that many schools were coercing parents to buy textbooks other than those prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

"The CBSE would like to reiterate its stand in unequivocal terms that prescribing of too many textbooks and coercing parents and children to buy them is an unhealthy practice that is educationally unsound, especially since NCERT textual materials are the base for preparing test items in the board examination and the question paper of CBSE is set according to the prescribed syllabus of the subject," reads the circular.

"It has come to attention that schools are compelling children to purchase and use books of publishers other than NCERT which are costly, voluminous, and unscientifically designed. This practice of the schools is jeopardizing the proper teaching - learning activities of the schools and pressurizing students," the circular said.
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