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Question: What is water equivalent of a body

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lala singh

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ANS: What is water equivalent of a body

As its very name indicates, it is the amount of water which is thermally equivalent to the given body, in the sense that it would require the same quantity of heat to raise its temperature through 1˚C as the body does. In other words, the water equivalent of a body is that mass of water which has the same heat capacity that of the body itself. It is usually denoted by the letter w.

Thus, suppose the mass of a body is m gm and its specific heat, c, then its heat capacity = m × c calories. And, clearly, m × c is also the thermal capacity of a mass m × c gm of water, its specific heat being 1, i.e. m × c calories of heat would be required to raise m × c gm of water through 1˚C. So that,

W = m × c gm.

Water equivalent of a body = mass of the body × its specific heat.


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