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Andy More

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Question: What do you mean by forced vibration

Reply On: 2014-01-11

lala singh

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ANS: What do you mean by forced vibration

Suppose that the natural frequency of vibration of the system is 10 vib/s. Now imagine that, beginning with the system at rest, we apply to it a to-and-fro force, say, 25 times per second. In a short time this force will set the system to vibrating regularly 25 times a second, but with very small amplitude, for the ball and spring are trying to vibrate at their natural rate of 10 vib/s. During part of the time, therefore, the system is, so to speak, “fighting back” against the driving force, whose frequency is 25 vib/s.  We call the motion of the system in this case forced vibration.

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