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Question: Describe the properties of matter

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ANS: Describe the properties of matter

The suitability of a material for a certain application may depend on properties other than the mechanical ones. Among those are flammability, moisture absorption, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. For most structural purpose, however, materials are selected chiefly on the basis of their cost and their elastic properties.
Materials posses several characteristics that are closely related to the elastic properties. Among these are ductility, malleability, compressibility, and hardness.

The ductility of a material is the property that represents it’s adaptability for being drawn into wire. Malleability is the property of a material by virtue of which it may be property of a material by virtue of which it may be hammered or rolled into a desired shape. In the process of drawing or rolling, stresses are applied that are much above the elastic limit so that a “flow” of the material occurs. For many materials the elastic limit is greatly reduced by raising the temperature hence process requiring flow are commonly carried on at high temperature. The hardness of a mineral is determined from and the astronauts who landed on the moon.

Diamonds, being the hardest substance knows, are hence rated highest on the scale. It should be noted that a knife will scratch a mineral falling between levels 5 and 6 on the scale and a fingernail will scratch a mineral rated between levels 2 and 3. The property of hardness of engineering materials is now commonly measured by either the Brunel number or the Rockwell number, which are based on two somewhat different test procures.

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