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Guy white

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Question: What are the types of control charts

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: What are the types of control charts

Broadly speaking control charts can be divided under two heads:

(i) Control charts of variables, and

(ii) Control charts of attributes.

Variables are those quality characteristics of a product which are measurable and can be expressed in specific units of measurement such as diameter of radio knobs which can be measured and expressed in centimeters. Tensile strength of cement which can be expressed in specific measures per square inch of space, etc, attributes, on the other hand, are those product characteristics which are not amenable to measurement such characteristics can only be identified by their presence or absence from the product. For example, we may say that plastic is cracked or not cracked, whether the Betties that have been manufactured contain holes or not. Attributes may be judged either by the proportion of units that are defective or by the number of defects per unit.

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