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Question: What are statistical units of data collection

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: What are statistical units of data collection

These are units in terms of which data are collected. They involve either counting of measurement-the former being employed in the cases of physical items and the latter in respect of qualitative attributes. In the process of collection, therefore, one may deal with either decrease entities or events relating to them as in the case of persons, houses, livestock, number of accidents, and number of deaths, or with measurable quantities and value units, such as tones, kilograms. Litres.

The units of collection may be simple, compound or complex, a simple in it is one which represents a single condition without qualifications. Examples of such units are a house, a child and a rupee, a compound unit is a simple unit the comprehension of which is subject to some qualification, thus the simple unit worker, May be qualified as skilled working but also that of the term skilled in relation to worker. Similarly, we may talk of married man’, part-time employee and machine-hour’, a complex unit is formed by adding to a simple unit two or more qualifications, examples of such units are; a unit of production per machine-hour;, value of gold reserves against bank notes’,


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