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Jacob sum

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Question: What are statistical units of analysis and interpretation of data

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: What are statistical units of analysis and interpretation of data

Statistical data are generally collected for making comparisons. Comparisons can be made either with reference to time or space. Units of analysis and interpretation are those which facilitate comparison. They include (a) rates, (b) ratio and percentages and (c) coefficients.

Rates are used in those cases where compassions are made between quantities of different kinds. i.e. the numerator and the denominator are not of the same kind. Such as birth rates and death rates, rates are usually expressed per thousand. However, there is no hard and fast rule about it. Ration and recent ages’ are used where quantities to be compared are of the same kind, of instance the ratio obliterates to illiterates 1:4 or ‘’ literates are 20 per cent of the population rate per unit is called a coefficient’, for example, if it is stated that the death rate in Indian at present is 16 per cent or 1.6 per cent or 1.6 per thousand, it means that the coefficient of deaths is 0.016. If this coefficient (0.016) is multiplied by the total population we obtain the total number of deaths.


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