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Jacob sum

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Question: What are published sources of collecting secondary data

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: What are published sources of collecting secondary data

The various sources of published data are:

1. Reports and official publications of-

(a) International bodies such as the world bank;, international labour organisation;, statistical office of the united nations;,

(b) Central and state governments such as abstract of the Indian union, economic survey of 2007-08, govt. of India, ministry of fence: Indian 2009, publication division, ministry of information and broadcasting.

(c) Reports of the committees and commission appointed by the government such as report of the committee on corporate governance. (the committee was appointed by Securities & Exchange Board of India in Jan.2000 under the Chairmanship of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Report of the RBI Advisory, Group on Transparency in Monetary and Financial Policies, Sept. 2000, Shah Commission, Report of the Raghvan Committee. The Committee was appointed in the year 2007 to make recommendations against ragging, Sixth Pay Commission, etc.

2. Semi-official publications of various local bodies such as municipal corporations and district boards.

3. Publications of autonomous and private institutes such as

(a) Trade and professional bodies, such as, the federation of Indian chambers of commerce       and industry, the institute of chartered accountants, the institute of foreign trade. The prestigious journals of these institutes are respectively economic trends the chartered accountant’, foreign trade review’

(b) Financial and economic journals such as Indian economic review’, reserve bank of India       bulletin’, Indian finance’,

(c) Annual reports of joint stock companies and corporation.
(d) Publications brought out by various autonomous research institutes and scholars such as institute of economic growth, Delhi; national council of applied economic research, New Delhi; institute of politics and economics, pun.

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