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Question: In what ways the variation of a quality characteristic can be divided

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: In what ways the variation of a quality characteristic can be divided

(i) Chance variation, variation which results from many minor causes that behave in a random manner, these types of variation is permissible and indeed inevitable, In manufacturing, there type of variation is permissible, and indeed inevitable, in manufacturing. There is no way in which it can completely be eliminated-when the variability present in a production process is confined to chance variation only. The process is said to be in a state of statistical control.

(ii) Assignable variations, those variations that may be attributed to special non-random causes, such variations can be the result of the several factors such as a change in the raw material, a new operation, improper machine setting, broken or worn-out parts, mechanical faults in plant, etc.

Out of these two types of variations, nothing can be done about the former type. However, assignable variations can be detected and corrected. The value of quality control lies in the fact that assignable variations in a process can be quickly detected: in fact, these variations are often discovered before the product becomes defective.

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