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Question: Explain the procedure of acceptance sampling in statistical quality control system

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ANS: Explain the procedure of acceptance sampling in statistical quality control system

The control charts described above cannot be applied to all types of problems. They are useful only of the regulation of the manufacturing process. Another important field of quality control is acceptance sampling inspection for acceptance purposes is carried out at many stages in manufacturing.

The standards in acceptance inspection are set according to what is required to the product, eater than by the inherent capabilities of the process, as in the process control. The purpose of acceptance sampling is, therefore, whether to accept or reject a product-it does not attempt to control quality during the manufacturing process, as do the techniques described earlier in the chapter, sampling inspection may also be referred under which a lot will be accepted or rejected.

Acceptance sampling procedures which aerie perfected during world war to meet military needs of quick and accurate inspection of vast supplies or materials, are now used widely in industry. A typical application of acceptance inspection is to determine whether a  batch of items, called an inspection lot or simply a lot, that has been delivered by a supplier, is of acceptable quality, mother application is to a lit that is compete and ready of shipment to make sure that it is of adequate quality. Still another application is in the case of party completed material, to determine whether the lot is of sufficiently high quality to justify further processing.

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