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Question: Explain the phenomenon of statistical quality control

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ANS: Explain the phenomenon of statistical quality control

In this era of ever-growing competition it has become absolutely necessary for a businessman to keep a continuous watch over the quality of the goods produced. Having one bought the product, if the consumers feel satisfied with regard to its quality, price, etc, a king of goodwill for the product is developed which helps to crease the sales. However, if the consumers are not happy with the quality of the product and their complaints are not given proper attention. It shall be impossible for the manufacturer to continue in the market, either he would have to improve the quality or else be forced to quit the market to other producers who might stat capturing the market by offering better quality;

Although the need for maintaining and improving quality standard is growing with increasing competition, the idea of quality control is not a new one. For centuries, highly-skilled artisans have striven to make products distinctive through superior quality, and once a standard of quality was achieved to eliminate, in so far as possible, all variability between products that were nominally alike. What is new about quality control is the use of statistical techniques which are helpful in maintaining and improving quality standards- hence the term statistical quality control. Statistical quality control abbreviated as S.Q.C. involves the statically analysis of the inspections data, which is based on sampling and the principles involved in normal curve. These techniques were developed by W.A. Shewhart working for the Bell Telephone Co. in America; the problem he solved was that of checking on the consistency of manufacture of a very large number of components. The idea that statistics might be instrumental in controlling the quality of the manufactured products goes back to 1920’s and 1930’s but it was not until the pressure of the production needs developed during the period of World War II that its value was fully appreciated. These days, the statistical quality control is used to some extent in virtually every kind of industry. In fact, it has become an integral and permanent part of management controls.


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