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Jason steev

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Question: Explain regression analysis in statistics.

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: Explain regression analysis in statistics.

The dictionary meaning of the term regression’ is the scat of returning or going back. The term regression’ was first used by Sir Francis Galton (1822-1910) in 1877 while studying the relationship between the height of fathers and send. This term was introduced by him in the paper ‘regression towards mediocrity in hereditary stature’. His study of height of about one thousand fathers and some revealed a very intrusting relationship, i.e. tall fathers tend to have tall sons and short fathers short sons, but the average height of the sons of a group of tall fathers is less than that of the fathers than that of the fathers. The line describing the tendency to regress or going back was called by Galton a regression line.’ The term is still used to describe that line drawn for a group of points to represent the trend present, but it no longer necessarily carries the original implication of ‘’stepping back’’ that Galton the term estimating line instead of regression line because the expression estimating line is more clarificatory in character.

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