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Jason steev

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Question: How can we find out moment coefficient for an arithmetic mean

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Gaurabh Raghav

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ANS: How can we find out moment coefficient for an arithmetic mean

It can be seen that the formula for a moment coefficient is identical with that for an arithmetic mean. This identity has led statisticians to speak of the arithmetic mean as the first moment about moment, but in the case of frequency curves. With which mathematical statistics is primarily concerned, the total frequency N is generally taken as unity, so the total moment and the moment coefficient are identical in any case it has become customary in statistics to speak of the mean X = ∑ FX/N, as the first moment about the origin.                                                                                                                 

The moments about mean called the central moment are denoted by Greek letter μ (read as mu); thus μ1 stands for fist moment about mean. μ2 stands for second moment about mean. etc. symbolically.
μ1 = ∑(X –X)/N, or, ∑x/N [since sum of deviation of items from arithmetic mean is always zero, μ1 would always be zero]


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