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Question: How to Balance Digital Marketing and Creative Writing

One of the most common reasons as to why many people decide to take on writing jobs is simply because they love to write. According to www.EssayWriterSite.com They are so much passionate about writing to an extent of desiring to spend as much of their time as humanly possible in exploiting the thing they love most. However, it is important to note that it is not always as easy as it might seem. Digital marketing and writing for money as a whole do not just require creativity as most people could expect. It is safe to assume that the 1.41 million creative writers in the US can concur with the opinion of writing does require a lot of dedication and discipline, not forgetting the massive depletions that you can have on your creative juices.

In light of this, many people could get tempted to stop trying to find a balance between creative writing and digital marketing but that should not be the case. It is true that balancing the two aspects could be quite tedious and requires some extra effort, but it is possible if you know how to go about it.

Below are some of the best ways that could help in guiding you on how to find a balance between creative writing and digital marketing:

Create a Writing Schedule

Among the most challenging aspects that face most people when trying to combine creative writing and digital marketing is that there is a tendency of lines getting too blurred. For you to avoid such a scenario, one of the solutions is creating a schedule. This schedule should entail distributing time for your creative writing projects and for your digital marketing projects.

To come up with a good enough schedule, settle for one that you are comfortable with. Choose hours that you’re likely not to get distracted (e.g. during morning hours prior to when your work begins or even an hour before you retire to bed). Experiment with the schedules that you make and don’t be afraid to change in case you feel that it is not cutting it out for you.

Never Forget To Set Deadlines

Some people are normally of the opinion that deadlines do not have anything to do with the creative type of writing. It sure would not be appropriate to limit your creativity and imagination with things such as deadlines. However, as much as this is true, you find that if your goal is to finish something (e.g. an eBook or a novel) in addition to enjoying the writing aspect of it all, you need to have a deadline in place. It not only enhances your development of skills that balance between digital marketing and creative writing, but it also prevents writing from taking up all of your time.

Don’t Fear Mixing Creative Writing and Work

There is a common misconception among many people that derails them from finding the perfect balance between digital marketing and creative writing. This is the misconception of thinking that it is vital for you to separate hobbies and work. However, you find that this could work against you in that it could end up preventing you from finding the time you require to practice creative writing and also find time for working.

This should not be interpreted as telling you to go ahead and write novels during your working hours. Instead, whenever you’ve even the slightest break from your work hours, take advantage of that and go ahead to practice your creative writing. This can be achieved by focusing on things that relate to your life of creative writing. This could include re-reading some of your already written materials, for example, the literature review sample that you did for a previous client. You could also make edits to your drafts and find ways to further build your plot twists.

Don’t Stress Too Much About It

Even though you could have already come up with a deadline and a schedule among many other efforts that you can make to assist you in balancing digital marketing and creative writing, it is possible that you might still find yourself having little time to find the right balance. There could be some unexpected problems at work that could take away your attention from your already set writing habits. When these scenarios do happen, it is important that you know that for you to combine digital-marketing and creative writing, you have to learn how to refrain from being too harsh on yourself. Your aim should be to find a balance, not turning your passion into tasking work and you’ll end up being fine.


In most aspects in our lives, it’s never easy to balance out between things and you find that we have to deal with the consequences of prioritizing one thing over the other while the plan was to strike a balance. In the field of digital marketing and creative writing, this scenario is a normal occurrence. This article has shed some light on some of the greatest ways in which these two aspects can be balanced because most people don’t have an idea of where to start, despite projections indicating that this spaces will be worth $120 billion by 2021! In case you’re short of avenues to use to balance between creative writing and digital marketing, you could borrow a leaf from the points above.

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