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Question: How Education Will Be Crafted By Artificial Intelligence In The Future

For many decades now, authors of science fiction books, movie makers, and futurists have been in the business of making predictions regarding the changes that will be brought about by the advent and revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the present day and age, there have been no crazy waves originating from Artificial Intelligence. However, despite its under-the-radar nature in the present times, it’s made huge progress in becoming ubiquitous in many areas of our lives. Be it intelligent sensors which assist us in taking the best digital pictures to automatic parking sensors found in cars, Artificial Intelligence has played a big role in making human life easier, it can even write your paper!

In relation to this, there is one sector where artificial intelligence has been tipped to make outstanding progress in the near future. While it might not come off as mind-blowing as the application of AI in android systems, Artificial Intelligence could be the next big thing in the field of education. While it’s not easy to find humanoid robots going about the duties of current teachers, there are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence can make the work of students and their teachers easier.

Artificial Intelligence Will Automate Activities Like Grading in Education

In most educational establishments such as colleges, grading of assignments and exams could be an uphill task. Even when it comes to the lower grades, you’ll find that teachers spend an average of 53 hours working, and most of this time is spent on the grading, time which could have been used for significant interactions with students.

Artificial Intelligence perhaps will not have the power of replacing humans, but it will be close to perfecting what humans have done over the years. At the moment, teachers are able to automate the grading of multiple choice questions and tests of the “fill in the blank” nature. With time, Artificial Intelligence will have the ability to take essay-grading capabilities to a whole new level among other grading sectors that it will assist in. This will give teachers enough time to focus on other class activities other than grading.

Students Can Get Additional Support from AI Tutors

It is quite obvious that there are some things that human teachers can do that Artificial Intelligence cannot replace in these present times. However, in the future, things could end up being different with the best tutors in existence in the form of ones and zeros. Currently, there are tutoring programs which are Artificial Intelligence based and assist students in writing things like topics for a proposal essay, basic mathematics, and a number of other subjects.

These programs have the capability of teaching students the fundamentals of various subjects, but they are not suitable for assisting in the learning of creativity and higher-order thinking. However, it is important to acknowledge the rapid pace that developments in the technological world have. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that the near future will have Artificial Intelligence tutoring systems that will be able to curb the current weaknesses in the education system.

Artificial Intelligence Will Make Trial and Error Learning Less Intimidating

One of the most critical areas of learning is the trial and error form of learning. However, a good number of students dread the thought of failing. In addition to this, there is another part of students that simply loathe being placed under the spotlight in front of the authority figures such as teachers or even their peers.

Artificial Intelligence could be used to inspire designs that will facilitate the life of such students in ways that are less daunting when it comes to the trial and error form of learning. In addition to this, AI has the ability to offer students a gateway to making experiments and learning within an environment that’s judgment-free. This will be heavily enhanced by Artificial Intelligence tutors who will offer good solutions that will improve the performance of the students.

AI Can Power Data That Can Change The Way Schools Find, Support, and Teach Students

Smart methods of gathering data can be forged via Artificial Intelligence. The ripple effect of this, especially in the education sector, is modifying the manner in which colleges can interact with both current and prospective students. In the future, there will be a vast array of things to choose from in regard to the interaction of AI systems with students.

Some of these include enrolling new students and assisting them in making the best choices concerning the courses they will take among many others. However, one of the chief areas that Artificial Intelligence will assist in improving is the performance of poorly performed courses such as General Chemistry which has the national rates of passing of 50% to 60%.The aim of making the entire college experience revolve around student goals and needs can be brought to actualization through systems that are inspired by AI.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting fields that have made the world we live in a much more fun and fascinating environment, especially for the digitalized generation. There have been signs of the possibility of a great breakthrough for AI in myriads of different sectors and education is no different.

There has been a significant influence of Artificial Intelligence on education, but with the current pace of technological developments, the future of education now seems brighter than ever.

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