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Question: Download java and got some annoying things

I just update the java and now my Chrome gets some annoying LaSuperba ads. Does the java brings LaSuperba to my chrome? It is pretty annoying!!! I just got some information from google results which provides some passages to me like it, which explains me the LaSuperba is an adware. So, what should i do? Please give me some ideas. Thanks in advance!
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ANS: Download java and got some annoying things

You can follow the manual removal guide here:
Just go to the extensions tab on Google Chrome, on Configuration; then activate the Developer Mode. Exit Chrome, and enter again. Go to the Extensions tab, and under the ADWARE program tab, there must be a text where it says: "Loaded from:......." Click there, remove everything it is in there, and remove it again from the Recycle Bin. Restart Chrome, and you won't see this adware again.

This post shows detailed manual removal, you can refer to it:


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