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Question: Explain about Economic Importance of Fungi ?

Fungi influence our life in many ways. The parasitic forms
cause serious diseases in crop plants and have been brought
about important changes in the history of some countries.
They are both beneficial and harmful to mankind
Useful activities:-Fungi, like many saprophytic bacteria are
scavengers which are responsible for the decomposition of
dead bodies of plants and animals and of their wastes.
Through these activities they aid in converting complex
substance into simple forms, and this ensure continuing soil
Specific bacteria which act on soil is Nitrosomnas
(1)Nitrococcus:-Oxidizes NH3 to Nitrite with large energy
and nitrites are converted into nitrates by Nitrobecter
(2)Industrial uses:- They are the sources of gallic acid
gluconic and, pencillin, ethyl alcohol etc?Which are
commercially vary important.
(3)Fungi as food:--E.g. Mushrooms and morels. These are
edible and used as vegetables
(4)Food yeast:-It is rich in vitamins e.g. thiamin,
nicotinic acid, riboflavin and amino-benzoic acid.
(5)Fungi and food processing:-Sp.of Pencillium and
Aspergillus are employed in processing of certain food
products, baking an chese industry.
In bread baking Saccharmyces cerevisiae is responsible for
alcoholic fermentation by which alcohol and C02 forms is
evaporated and the bread shows uniform spongy texture.
(6)Fungi in medicine:-Number of Fungi are used as medicines
Antibiotics:-These are chemical substances synthesized by
living organisms which have capacity to inhabit the growth
of metabolic activities of other organisms
Pennicillium Citrinum:-Produces citrinin
P.nottatum:-Pencillin B and Penicillin
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ANS: Explain about Economic Importance of Fungi ?

Some fungus has its own advantages over other.!

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